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Personal Storage

Moving home

Self storage is often used by individuals and families who are moving home or who are at the end of their lease.  Self storage removes the time pressures involved with selling your existing home and moving into your new home.  It allows you to safely store your belongings if there is a period of time before you can move into your new home.

Selling your home

House buyers want to see homes that they could imagine themselves living in.  Real estate agents recommend that sellers declutter their homes so it shows the house at its best.  Our self storage units provide customers the ability to remove various items of furniture or personal items so that they can help make their home more attractive to potential buyers and potentially obtain a higher selling price.

Declutter your home

Downsizing or just want some more space within your home? Our storage units can provide you with that extra space to enjoy within your home with easy access to your possessions whenever you need them.


When you are knocking down walls and tearing down cabinets, the more room you have the better.  Self storage provides a secure space to protect your furniture from dust and dirt while you remodel your house.

Life Event

Life can be unpredictable and full of surprises.  Whether it is a divorce, caring for a family member's estate or a new member of the family self storage can provide an invaluable asset.  Storage Den provides you with the flexibility to store items safely through times of change.

Subletting and Airbnb

When customers sublet or put their home on Airbnb, they want to be able to declutter and remove their personal items from the rental property.  Our local storage can provide a safe place to store these possessions to help you maximise your rental property.


Wanting to travel for an extended period of time and don't want to have to rent an apartment to store your things?  Self storage is a much cheaper alternative to keep your belongings safe and secure for when you return.

Student Storage

Moving home for the summer but don't want to take all of your belongings home with you? Students often use storage as a flexible and convenient alternative to transporting their possessions between university and their home during the holidays.

Students often find themselves needing to move properties throughout the duration of their studies and sometimes there is a gap between leases.  Storage Den allows students to store their possessions at an affordable price in this transition period.  Our keyless technology allows students to share units with their friends and allows each occupant to have access through their smartphone.

Storage Den is the closest self storage facility to the University of Aberdeen providing convenient and accessible storage for many students.

Distance from Storage Den:

University of Aberdeen - 1.3 miles

Robert Gordon University (RGU) - 4.9 miles