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Self Storage for Business

Storage Den helps a variety of customers in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  One of our key customer bases are businesses.  Small, medium and large.

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Challenges for businesses

Most businesses, whether a new start-up or an established business need storage of some sort, whether this is for storing stock, equipment, tools, or hard copy files.  However, access to affordable and accessible space is hard to come by.

The traditional route for a business needing storage would be to lease a warehouse.  This can be costly, time consuming and not flexible to the ever changing requirement for extra space.  This results in businesses spending more than they need for more or less space than they require.

How can Storage Den help your business?

Storage Den offers highly secure storage units in Aberdeen for businesses of all sizes.  Businesses can rent single or multiple storage units of between 25 sq. ft and 200 sq. ft..

No need to sign up for long term leases.  All storage units at Storage Den are rented on monthly contracts, meaning your business can better manage cashflow and only rent for the time you need.  Businesses can also have the agreement signed electronically as soon as they have booked their unit through our website and can be in their unit by the following day.  This avoids all the extra costs and time associated with traditional leases.

Need more space? Customers only need to rent the space they need so if they need to downsize, upsize or rent additional units this is possible if there is availability.

No business rates. Rent only forms part of a business' costs when utilising a traditional leases for a premises.  Business rates are an additional significant cost for the renter.  When renting a unit at Storage Den, tenants pay nothing in business rates.

Save on Insurance.  Any business renting a premises under a traditional lease would have to pay significant amounts in insurance for the premises.  This would either be under an FRI (Full Repairing and Insuring) or IRI (Internal Insuring and Repairing).

At Storage Den, all customers need 'protection' for their stored goods, whether that is demonstrating cover through an existing policy for their goods in storage, or through purchasing protection at the time of booking at Storage Den.  Customers only have to pay for cover up to value of goods they are storing and this can cost as little as £9.48 per month.

Accessibility. Businesses need to have easy access to their storage unit.  Storage Den offers unrivalled access hours for customers to access the facility and their storage unit between the hours of 5am and 11pm, seven days a week.

Need a colleague to pick up from your storage unit?  Our keyless technology also allows customers to share access through the smartphone app to whoever they choose.

Our facility also has two large roller door loading bays and trolleys (in addition to the pedestrian entrance) allowing for customers with larger goods or boxes to easily access the premises and store.

If you are a business owner looking to rent a storage unit in Aberdeen booking can be made online in a couple of minutes or if you would like to speak to someone please either call or Whatsapp 07746 251648 or email